Leather Goods That Every Good Cowboy or Cowgirl Should Own

Cowboy fashion isn’t just for cowboys anymore. More and more people are embracing the aesthetic exemplified by these free-spirited adventurers. Both timeless and comfortable, it is no wonder that country western outfits can be found both in fashion magazines and out in the field.

A key component of this rugged and durable look has always been leather and suede, and luckily there is no shortage of options when it comes to attractive and stylish country western fashion. From practical items like belts and saddles to indulgent splurges like jackets and boots, lovers of this enduring style have a wealth of choices. Below are just a few of the classic pieces any lover of the western lifestyle should own.


One wardrobe staple of any cowgirl or cowboy is a pair of leather boots. They can be found in all shades and patterns, and include a low heel for both men and women. For those in the know, the small details of the boots say a lot about the type of work they are designed for, from riding horses to taming wild steers. They are a practical and playful addition to any wardrobe – even brides are getting in on the fun. Most importantly, they are extremely functional. A good cowboy boot will help keep the foot properly positioned in the stirrup, as well as protect the leg from chaffing from the stirrup leathers.


Any true cowboy has a faithful steed, and that faithful steed deserves to be wearing a good leather saddle. Western saddles are much larger than their English counterparts and have a horn to loop rope around. The increased size actually benefits the horse, as it spreads the rider’s weight over more square footage, allowing both horse and rider to put in a full day’s work. Much like boots, there are myriad tiny details in each saddle which hint to their specialized use, but the most important thing to look out for when planning to purchase one is the craftsmanship. The quality of a saddle not only means the difference between a happy or irritable horse; it can mean the difference between a happy or irritable rider as well.


Both sartorial cowboys and actual ones will appreciate the function and style of a traditional leather belt. They can be covered in rhinestones or turquoise, embroidered or sporting a big shiny buckle. One thing’s for sure, though. A true country western belt will always make a statement. Almost as iconic as the classic cowboy hat, the belt has been memorialized in song and art for decades. Though it is as much of a creation of Hollywood as of the Wild West, at this point few cowboys would willingly do without this shiny and useful accessory.


A truly awesome leather jacket spans cultures, decades, and fashion genres. From long leather dusters to chic biker wear, very few people can resist the lure of this particular piece of clothing. Cowboys are no exception, and they have put their own unique spin on this universally appealing staple. A cowboy leather jacket can be told apart from a more generic version by a few key details. The presence of fringe is one dead giveaway. A looser cut – designed to maximize the range of motion of the man or woman wearing it – is another common feature. Suede is also popular, as is fleece lining since it keeps the prairie cold out. Mainly, like many of the items listed in this article, it is clear that a real country western leather jacket is designed equally for substance as style.

How to Care for Western Boots So They’ll Last for Decades

Western styles have been on the rise for some time. According to Fenzyme, it is the perfect time to add a few Western motifs to your wardrobe, like some nice cowboy boots. The only thing you have to do is learn how to care for them, so they last for decades.

Why is Care Important?

Care is vital for this type of footwear because the materials are natural, and that means they can degrade if you neglect them. Now, caring for your boots is not too hard. Just remember to clean and moisturize them. The trick is to do this properly to keep your cowboy boots looking great.

Cleaning is important to ensure that the microscopic fibers of the boot aren’t damaged. That kind of damage could end up drying out the boot’s material. Dryness ends up degrading your boots, so making sure they are clean and properly conditioned is the way to go.

Steps to Help Care for Your Boots

Now, you know why caring for your cowboy boots is important. Sure, maintenance sounds like a chore, but our stylish boots are worth the effort. The following are simple steps to help keep your boots in good condition:


What you want to do is get a clean, damp cloth. You can also use a soft brush. All you have to do now is clean off any dirt or dust you see. Stuck grime may require something like a toothbrush. Of course, tough spots may need something like saddle soap or a good leather shoe cleaner. Keep in mind that suede cannot be cleaned this way.


The next thing you want to do is add a little bit of conditioner to your boots. A quarter-sized amount should do, and apply that to your boots with a clean cloth. Try to massage the conditioner into the boot as best you can. Boots that are too dry will suck up the conditioner rather quickly, meaning you’ll have to add a second coat.


The last thing you should do is polish your boots. The reason this is important is because it helps restore that shine you love to see on leather. It also ensures that your shoe is protected against the elements. You cannot escape dirt, debris, and other natural elements, so this is the best thing you can do to protect your boots.

Keep in mind that cowboy boots with a finish can be polished. Boots without a finish just need to be conditioned. It should also be pointed out that snakeskin boots cannot be polished with colored polish.

Cleaning is just part of what you have to consider. You also need to worry about storage. Cowboy boots need a place that will allow them to breathe that is away from direct sunlight. Ideally, you want them in a cedar box since cedar helps to absorb excess moisture; this environment is also dark and breathable.

Be sure to contact a specialist if you have any questions or you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own.